Calling in All

Heart-Based Healers

and Leaders!

Are you an intuitive or empath who is hurting and searching for new solutions to protect yourself so you can continue help others?  

  • Do you feel exhausted and empty but also called to show up and contribute at a higher level?

  • Is your passion for your work waxing and waning with your draining energy tank?

  • Are you ready to start radically receiving the care you need, with new tools to empower you, fill you up and those who depend on you?

You are among friends. So many of us "healers", are feeling this. That lost feeling, the lack of inner guidance, or the urge to run away and start anew.

I can guarantee you, my friends, that the purpose that originally led you to your gifts, is still there, hidden, and that with the right support and guidance, you can rekindle it... and once again, fall in love with your gifts and tribe!

You are a wounded healer.


And I welcome you to continue your healing journey with me and those others who will hold you in their sacred circle (like the confidentiality we hold with our people) so you can heal yourself.

There’s a shift happening, and it’s time for you to answer the call in your heart and to redirect that flow of healing energy to its rightful place – you!  

After years of Mastering the Science of healing as a Doctor of Chiropractic, Dr. Angela Martin-King found that by integrating scientific and spiritual modalities, she could catalyze transformation and miracles for herself and her clients. It’s her life’s passion to work with others to facilitate this work leading the SoulFire Success Academy, a coaching and training company that teaches healing and spiritual professionals the Secrets of Mind-Body-Soul Healing and Alignment

In 9 New Truths About Thriving as An Empath Post 2020 

you’ll learn:

  • why your old grounding and protections are no longer working

  • why life balance is a slippery slope

  • that answering the call is the only answer

  • how to choose your next steps towards empowerment and leadership

The tools I use to guide empaths, intuitives and those awakening to their own powers within are powerful and within your grasp!

You have been called. 

It is time to step into the Enlightened Leadership Path today.

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Rachel, Age 22

Before my breakthrough, I didn't know who I was. I had spent my entire life trying to live up to expectations of others. I was in pain mentally emotionally and physically.

In working with Angela for the last 2 years, I have completely transformed my life. I found out who I am, how to love myself and now I know I’m an awesome person. These skills have given me a new career path, one where I can do the things that I love. 

This work is priceless!


Thank you for helping me. I couldn’t have done it without your guidance, support, and belief in me. I’m going to help so many people in a better way this time. I’m so excited! And because you helped me figure and sort all this out, I can now help others do the same.

Emily, Age 56

So much more than just a book! This is an opening into a deeper connection to yourself. 

Before meeting Angela, I was constantly on edge and worrying about life and what the future holds. I would freeze, unable to make decisions for me, my family or my business. 

The skills and tools I learned from her courses and breakthrough work have helped ground and calm myself in the worst of times, and have helped me stay focused and heart-centred. 

If you choose to work with Angela you will learn so much more about the connections and energy around you and how to work through situations that once caused you anxiety or fear. 

Divya, Age 34

This is the secret to success that no one has ever shared with you! 

The perfect blending of scientific mind-body tools and techniques with spiritual truths and practices makes the work that Dr. Angela does truly magic! 

She will teach you how to activate your own healing energy from within. 

You will learn who you really are and fall in love with yourself as a soul and as a human. 

And if you choose, she will help you find your life's purpose, activate your gifts and step into the world to create the life and career of your dreams.

This is the best investment in myself I have ever made! 

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 I want to share with you some of the secrets I've learned as an Empath and Intuitive Coach, that have helped me remain aligned and empowered this year.


The Corona Crisis hit so many heart-based leaders hard, and just when the world is calling for that light and healing illumination.


So instead of holding back or hiding during your much needed time for healing, I want to give you some new tools and tips that will help you put on that energetic armour and step forth as the new Enlightened Leaders our Post-Corona world is seeking!

Are you a coach or healer or leader who is overwhelmed and unsure about how to work through this new Post-Corona Paradigm Shift?

In 9 New Truths About Thriving as An Empath Post 2020 you’ll learn:

  • how to thrive as an empath without getting sucked into the quagmire of fear, anxiety and worry that most intuitives do

  • the problem with old ways of protections and grounding that no longer work with this new energy

  • how too much self-care becomes hiding from your calling

  • how important it is to raise your frequency and vibration

  • why stepping into an enlightened leadership path is the right choice for you

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Dr. Angela & the SoulFire Circle Crew