Human or Animal.
I’ve always been a Healer.

It starts with the SOUL.
Ready to discover yours?

My name is Angela and I am a healing-hands, sparkly-soul Healer at heart who was drawn to the beauty inside humans and animals from the very beginning.

See, the truth is, our pain is actually our purpose. I know this because I was you. I was overwhelmed, overworked, over it all. Then I got MS… and healed.

Because I knew my pain was my purpose. It had to be. So is yours.

I can’t wait to work with you.

I  discovered the path to transformation and change after sustaining a  career-altering  injury while working as a chiropractor.  I realized my true path was elsewhere, and so I moved forward into a new area of health, knowledge and self-actualization. As my own transformation and awareness expanded, I felt compelled to learn and share the  secrets of transformation, empowerment and success with others who were searching for deeper meaning in their lives. 

So I left my successful career as a doctor of chiropractic to passionately pursue the opportunity to train and coach others so that their careers, businesses, relationships and personal lives could be transformed and empowered too. With my Coaching, you now have the choice and opportunity  to move in a positive direction in your life, face your fears and challenges, change your belief system and step into your true path to success!

Thank-you for allowing me to be your guide and coach! 

How do I work with clients?

  • Mind-Body Alignment Tools such as Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy, NLP, TimeLine Therapy  that create long-lasting internal change and congruency

  • Coaching for Healthcare Professionals, Healers, Entrepreneurs and for Personal Change

Animal Communicator and Chiropractor and training for Animal Communication School

I cannot wait to work with you. 


Let’s unleash your soul and turn that pain… into purpose.

Summer Festival
Your SOUL is Waiting.

Connect with me to discover it.
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What People Are Saying


The Very Best Coach! You are so honest, your insight is unmatched, you tell it like it is, and you're supportive and loving at the same time. 




Angela is an incredible coach that is a beautiful mix of directness, love, encouragement and kick in the butt! Definitely only good things to say about her.




I highly recommend Angela! She’s never afraid to walk you to the fire and stand in it with you. She never gives up and pushes you to be the brilliant soul she knows you are.




Mid-divorce I recognized that I wasn’t the sort of man I wanted to be for my children. Having Angela coach me in my life shift changed my perspective, my mindset and my life.



Transformation comes from within —
and I’m here to help you activate it.

Waiting for a sign?

This is it.