Unleash your SOUL.
Find out what your purpose is.

Your Soul Holds The Key to WHY

Your WHY. The reason you’re here and the reason every single thing that’s ever happened in your life has happened.

We all have a WHY.

Each of our souls is born with a WHY. A reason we’re here. Something to start, to complete, to understand.

This isn’t your ordinary coaching experience. We go quantum levels deep to understand your WHY. Why it hasn’t been easy. Why you struggle with that limiting decision. Why you feel the way you feel.

When we understand the WHY we can re-create the how of your life… and that changes everything.


The World Needs

Healed Healers.

My people. The Healers. The Helpers. The people who are changing the world with their own unique superpowers.

We are the first to hold all of the worlds emotions and pain and the last to release them… because we feel them so deep.

It’s time to discover (or even uncover) your own healing. Embrace your shadow and learn to love your life. Become the healed Healer so you can continue to heal the world with your magnificent work.

You can. Let me show you how.

Animals Need

Support Too

My first love was humans. My second was horses… and dogs… and cats… and really all animals.

I’ve made it my mission to communicate with animals to educate, inform, heal and provide comfort (to them and you). From Animal Communication to Animal Chiropractic, healing the pure souls of the animal realm is one of my healing gifts with my magic hands.

If your animal is in pain, sick, dying or you simply want to know more - please reach out. I can give them (and you) peace of mind and ease the “what next” of their care.

Just call me the ‘animal whisperer’ (although a lot of the time… they yell, laugh or tease).

Orange Blossom

"Working with Angela helped me connect back to myself. This was so much more than other coaching program or workshop.  Feeling the connection to her heart, seeing pieces of myself in Angela made a wonderful difference.  I felt like my soul was safe and supported, even in the most dark and difficult times. I'm so great-ful. " 



"Before connecting with Angela I was feeling alone.  Isolated, exhausted, burnt out. I wasn't a patient caring Mom. I wasn't showing up for my business.

Not anymore.

Angela guides you to know yourself better, find your centre and move forward with your heart lit up."

- Laura


 "Angela has been a coach and colleague of mine for a very long time. So I knew her secret sauce was to call me on my bullsh*t. In a way that honoured my experiences and trauma. Where else are you going to learn how to laugh at your problems, watch them disappear (or resolve themselves) and make real magic plans for your future at the same time?"


orange juicy.jpg
Meditation by the sea

 No one is suffering on purpose.  Healing happens when we see things differently. The question is: do you want suffering or peace? It's that simple.”

― Donna Goddard, Waldmeer

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Book a discovery call and find out why you ended up here. It’s no accident.

There’s no commitment, pressure, or obligation.

“Angela has a gift of just seeing you. All of you. Deep into your soul and knowing exactly what to ask to reveal yourself and your magic within. ”

Jan F.   Hypnosis Transformations,   Barrie ON

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