The SoulFire Circle

Ignite Your Passion. 

Find Your Purpose. 

Align Your Path.

Have you been searching for a place or a group where you can feel at home?

Where you can truly be yourself, feel accepted, listened to, and valued for who you are? 

A place where judgement and criticism no longer exists, and where your unique-ness is treasured, and you become empowered and can change? 

Welcome to the SoulFire Circle. 

Here you will find love and support, compassion and connection... and where you will be guided in changing what doesn't serve you in your life, so that you can finally become the person you are meant to be. 

Wouldn't it be wonderful to be accepted for who you are, not who someone else wants you to be. 

What would happen if you could make choices aligned with you, rather than by the limitations in your life.

Imagine if you could change the trajectory of your life now, so that it was focused on your passions your purpose and your path? 

You can. So let me be your guide!

For ALL Health, Transformation and Growth, Mind, Body and Soul

Hi, I'm Dr. Angela, and I  discovered the path to transformation and change after sustaining a  career-altering  injury while working as a chiropractor.  I realized my true path was elsewhere, and so I moved forward into a new area of health, knowledge and self-actualization. As my own transformation and awareness expanded, I felt compelled to learn and share the  secrets of transformation, empowerment and success with others who were searching for deeper meaning in their lives. 


So I left my successful career as a doctor to passionately pursue the opportunity to train and coach others so that their careers, businesses, relationships and personal lives could be transformed and empowered too. With my team's guidance and leadership, you now have the choice and opportunity  to move in a positive direction in your life, face your fears and challenges, change your belief system and step into your true path to success!


Thank-you for allowing me to be your guide and coach! 

What Areas Do we excell in? 

  • Mind-Body Alignment Tools such as Hypnosis and hypnotherapy, NLP, TimeLine Therapy  that create long-lasting internal change and congruency

  • Coaching for Healthcare Professionals, Entrepreneurs and for Personal Change

  • Animal Communicator and Chiropractor and training for Animal Communication School

Some areas we cover for personal transformation and empowerment include:

Health and Fitness

Coaching and Nutrition Programs

Guidance for Future Goals and Desires



Inner Growth and Spiritual Development 

Love and Relationships



Career: New Opportunities and Promotion

Most sessions can be done virtually, using an online video platform like Zoom. Please contact us for any personal queries

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