TOXINS: Toxins Stored in Your Body Cells Are Making You FAT & SICK . Here’s How to Cleanse Them.  

Is there a secret to cleansing out toxins and impurities in a gentle, easy way?
So you can get back to your optimal weight, energy and fitness? 
Would you like to experience a better relationship with your body, with food and with its ability to fuel you to live your best life? You can now.


YES, your body is designed to naturally remove toxins from your body. But NOT in today’s toxic environment! We are constantly being exposed to toxins in the air, in the water, in the things we have in our homes, cars, work environments and yes, in our food. Toxicity is almost impossible to avoid and our bodies are not meant to deal with this much. Our natural cleansing response is clogged and shut down.


Our bodies are fighting a losing battle. The toxins we take in engage a defense mechanism in our bodies, making us fat and sick. The combination of 4 dangerous factors is  a health epidemic that traditional medicine cannot cure. TDOS Syndrome is caused by a combination of TOXICITY in our environments, nutrient DEFICIENCY in our food sources, the OVERWEIGHT epidemic and the number one killer we are all up against, chronic STRESS. Each one of these factors are deadly in their own right and by compounding their effects they can be lethal. TDOS Syndrome is playing a major role in chronic disease, cancer, autoimmune disease, allergies and diabetes... AND accelerating aging as well. TDOS Syndrome is a major factor contributing to chronic disease and furthering the burden of our healthcare epidemic.


We Have The Solution.

The TDOS system will show you:

*How toxicity creates Obesogens in our bodies and  makes us hold onto weight

*How cleansing the body at a cellular level will decrease  the affects of TDOS

*How to manage the factors that increase your  susceptibility to toxins, deficiency, weight changes and    stress!

*How to safely lose weight fast

*How to avoid rebound weight gain

*How to gain more energy

*How to experience less stress

*How to sleep better

*How to increase lean muscle mass

*How to look and feel younger





 It is time to take control of your health! But how?   

 By super-charging your system to cleanse itself! 


There are two kinds of toxins: water-soluble and fat-soluble. Water-soluble toxins are easily flushed out of the body via the blood and kidneys, but the fat-soluble toxins are a challenge for the body to remove. These fat-soluble toxins such as heavy metals, pesticides, preservatives, food additives, pollutants, plastics and other environmental chemicals must become water-soluble for the body to eliminate them fully. If our digestive and detox pathways (in our digestive system, skin, lungs, etc) are not functioning optimally, these toxins embed into the liver to the blood, fat cells, and brain, where they can store for years, setting you up for health concerns down the road. Creating the optimal environment for TDOS Syndrome to manifest.

If you keep your digestion, stress levels and detoxification pathways balanced, you can prevent dangerous chemicals and toxins from storing in your body, right? Right. Except most of this  "stuff" is unavoidable on our world, and our bodies are not capable of dealing with the mass levels of toxins they are exposed to. This problem cannot be solved by "eating clean"alone. You must take action to help your body now. 




So What Happens When the Body Cannot "Clean" itself?
Where Do These Toxic Fats Go?


Optimally our liver, gall bladder, and defense sytems in our skin, respiratory system etc, would combat all toxic substances. These systems would gobble up heavy metals, parasites, pesticides, bad bacteria, and numerous other chemicals that can cause problems, and detox and eliminate them. In the digestive system, most toxins would be eliminated ... into the toilet! In others, through washing, sweating, coughing, phlegm.... you get the picture.  But if the systems are overloaded, the  toxic baggage gets reabsorbed back to the liver to be recycled. The liver and other systems become overwhelmed because they are not designed to deal with  these toxins returning.


What Happens When The Liver Becomes Overwhelmed?

When the liver become congested with thick bile and toxins, the liver pushes the fat-soluble toxins into the blood stream. These toxins can find their way into the fat cells, or other body cells (bone, joint, nerve, even brain cells) where they can store for many years and cause free radical damage and degeneration.  Toxins can deposit in fatty tissues all over the body including the brain. It is becoming more common for the toxins to become neurotoxins and deposit in the fatty tissues of the brain. These neurotoxins may cause cognitive problems and a host of health imbalances.


The Solution: Cleanse and Burn Fat to Burn Toxins

This is why one of the main focuses of our program is to convince the body to burn fat. Not primarily for weight loss, but because fat metabolism is the body’s detox fuel and it is critical that we flush these fat cells in order to turn over and remove toxins. Once the nervous system can function without stress, the body will naturally burn fat!  


Your detoxification and natural defence pathways may be compromised if you

experience any of the following:

  • Digestive issues: occasional constipation or loose stools, mucus, allergies or sensitivities, or eat certain foods to maintain regular elimination

  • Skin reactions: dryness, "chicken skin", eczema, sensitivities, acne, etc

  • Respiratory issues: asthma, respiratory allergies, COPD or lung infections, frequent colds

  • Metabolism challenges: sluggish digestion, inappropriate weight gain/loss, inability to lose fat

  • Hormone issues: thyroid, reproductive, adrenals.... (all hormone systems are compromised by digestive issues in case you did not know)

  • Chronic disease, conditions or autoimmune/low-immune system


The important thing to remember is this....

Your body is a interconnected delicate functioning system. Damage, compromise or toxic overload to one area will be connected to other areas, causing micro-damage and ultimately massive damage to the whole system.


 And so, in order to have perfectly-functioning, clean and lean body, you must address the factors that are damaging it at all levels. Cleansing out the toxins and replenishing the body it with the right nutrients, the basic building blocks of life, is your first, most-important step!



Now is the perfect time to take your health to the next level! Let Dr. Angela be your guide, provide knowledge and show you how  to use these tools to build a better body now. 


In The TDOS  program,  you will detox your body at the cellular level, and learn to naturally fight the effects of Toxins in your daily life!   


  • create a greater understanding of toxins and your body's defense

  • understand the key factors that influence metabolism

  • learn how to eat for energy and vitality

  • achieve a better understanding of why our food is not enough

  • learn the techniques for releasing body fat naturally

  • learn why cleansing is no longer a fad-trend

  • create a game plan for building your dream body

  • and much more



    Learn more about:

  • TDOS Syndrome and The Plan For Your Health

  • Our Nutritional Coaching and  Body Health Program

“We are indeed much more than what we eat, but what we eat

can nevertheless help us to be much more than what we are”  - Adelle Davis 

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