Stop Sabotaging Your Success

As we creep into March, and it feels like I haven't seen sun in months (Ontario snowstorms keep coming), I always find myself getting a bit down, quiet...having thoughts like:

“Maybe I’m not good enough” “What if I fail?!” “Why bother, when I can just watch Grey's anatomy for another hour…or 6” (yes - I'm a hardcore med-drama fan under all this magical stuff)

Maybe you can relate?

Aside from a serious case of SAD, I know what’s going on.

January I always push, get out of my comfort zone, dive into new projects head first...and February, my mind just wants to pull me back in to what’s safe and comfortable.

The mind does that, you know…

It has a way of sabotaging our progress because it craves comfort and security above all else.

Do you ever feel like this? Like your mind starts to play tricks on you? Or tries to keep you safe?

The way I move past it is with A SINGLE DAILY HABIT that I've let slide since selling the house a few weeks ago. (No its not cleaning the house... though that did slide a bit!)

It takes minutes a day. Or an hour a week. Or a 90 minute session with me to explode your whole season.


And it sends a major F-U to my self sabotaging brain 🧠 so you can keep moving forward with unshakable momentum.

This is the habit I've used for years and I really attribute so much of my success to. It's what has let me grow my businesses, create REAL independent income year after year, help other entrepreneurs hit their goals in their businesses, and , I believe, what allowed me to be totally FREE in what I do and how I do it, and still be successful

It's called Business Creation Planning. And it connects who you are, with your unique talents and why you do what you do.... so you can attract the RIGHT business for you.

I'm making these sessions available to you so you can shake up that brain of yours and get it in a prime success mindset (because that's truly the secret to this whole "success" thing 🤫)

You can grab it here for almost free. (it will be FREE and it will actually pay you to do it, if you follow through with our plan!)

I love when I help you grow!

Hit reply if you have any questions - have a great day!

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