Existing in Bodies: The Paradox of the Human Form

We inhabit bodies for a reason - They are part of our Soul's Mission. To experience all the range of feelings and emotions, physical freedom and limitations that come with being present in a body.

The physical self can seem like quite a burden at times. We have little control over its demands, we must monitor it consistently, and its relative fragility can be worrisome. Many people, therefore, unconsciously long to escape the confinement of their bodies. How often have I heard things like "I just want to go home!" or "I can't wait for this experience to end so I can be free of this baggage (body)". This longing to return to a non-physically confined state (and the place where time and space on non-issues as well) can manifest itself as physical discomfort, difficulty adjusting to the trials of day-to-day life, or a tendency to shy away from all that is associated with the human earthly experience. Yet the lifetime of physical existence we each must endure represents a vital plateau in our progression as enlightened beings.

We inhabit our bodies for a reason. There is much we can learn while coping with the challenges, sensations, and sensitivities of the human body that we could not have grasped had we remained in spirit form. Imagine having no experience of losing a loved one in death... you would not experience the emotions of grief or sadness. You would not sense the preciousness of life. Bodies give us the ability to "experience" on a whole other level. What is more beautiful than the feeling of joy and accomplishment when you push yourself beyond the physical limitations and boundaries of the world? And of course...when we leave our physical selves behind to return to our original state, we will enjoy a supreme sense of freedom. We will have a new found love of what it is like to be in a body here on earth.

Being fully present in your body can help you better understand how your life as a physical being is contributing to your development. There may be times when you feel that your consciousness is not grounded in your physical form. Your thoughts may seem scattered or spacey, or you may sense that your ethereal self is literally floating away. When this occurs, ask Mother Earth to ground you, or draw upon the potent grounding energy of mountains or trees. Literally put your feet in nature!!! These powerful natural forces can help you reconnect with the earth by reminding you that living in a physical state can be a wholesome and enlightening experience. Many longing to be ethereal beings report back that the act of moving meditations, while walking, running or playing a sport, allow them to re-connect to their earth vessel on a much deeper level. Others choose to use gemstones and crystals, or physical rituals to reaffirm the bond to the earthly plane.

Human beings are tied to the earth, but our souls are not exactly OF the earth. Each of us are, for the time being, poised between the soil underneath our feet and the never-ending ethereal spaces around us. The unease we occasionally feel in our earthly bodies is merely a by-product of our innate understanding of our dual natures. The lives we live in our physical bodies will not last and should thus be cherished. For one day, when our evolution is complete, we will return to the source of life to become beings of light once more.

As always, Dr. Angela is here to help you experience your life to the fullest, whether that means mentoring you to let go of a painful past, or in growth evolvement and expansion moving forward. Connect with her today.

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