Spiritual House Cleaning for Fresh Start!

So yesterday it happened. I simply was looking for a couple of receipts for the water bill payments. And I "thought" they were in the stack of mail and other invoices I had stored in a closet.

Well ... in looking for those receipts, I started organizing ALL of them. The receipts, the Bill's, threw out old mail, found pictures of our niece...

Then I went into the junk drawer... then my office desk... then the kitchen cupboards... and before I knew it Shawn and I were "cleansing" our house.

😲The physical "stuff" that had built up, film of uselessness, taking up space or that no longer made us happy.

😲The emotional stuff, stored in objects or experiences of the past.

😲The mental stuff that have weighed us down, held us back and made us fearful.

😲And the soul stuff....

There are many was to "spiritually clean" your house and yourself. But most that are commonplace are like "dusting and sweeping" ... they don't get into the cracks and crevices, the deep cupboards and closets... they certainly don't clean the foundation or SOUL of your house.

So I went to the Akashic Records. And did a deep clean.

💜Cleaned out the energy of old experiences, arguments and past owners of the house. 💜Closed portals and gateways to other realms. 💜Cleared out old stuff stuck to antique furniture, or objects... they carry energy too. 💜And restored the soul of the house with love and light and trust as its foundation.

My house feels so good now!

And if you got this far.... maybe you would live your house to be refreshed this way too. Or your own soul.

So check out the link in the comments, because I've set aside 10 time slots and 10 discounts for those of you that want a really fresh start on 2019. (simply text or email me!)

Happy New Year, New You😀

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