The Journey of Awakening Your Soul

First... let’s start with being completely truth-full and transparent. The journey is NEVER over. By the time you “get there” to where you believed you would be... the journey, and path have transformed into something else and there is more.

As one of my wise mentors, Ernie Pavan says.... “You’re not done until you’re dead.”

(I could argue with the dead part... I totally agree with the you’re never done part!)

So yes... the journey will evolve, as we all will, and first we must “start”.

I’ve worked with many people, from super cool professionals hitting their “stuff” to regular every day peeps hitting their “stuff”... and even animals hitting their “stuff”. I’ve seen a lot of “stuff” ( or that other emoji). From 1:1 breakthroughs, to group courses, to programs, I've seen the inner workings of a lot of lightworkers, empaths, intuitives and people who have no idea what to label themselves as (labels are a whole other topic).

And let me tell you, not once have I had someone come to me with an issue that someone else hadn't already come to me with. I’ve seen a lot. I’ve heard “crazy” stories. They have happened to ME!

Because as Awakening Souls, we go through a sort of initiation, a convoluted path with obstacles and challenges, metaphysical miracles and experiences and some how you are expected to squeeze your way through ALL of it, with your belief intact... and come out more AWAKE and aware on the other side.

I call this journey the Soul Awakening Quest. It’s like the Hero’s Journey.... though it takes place on the inside, with no one else in the world aware of what is going on in the deepest layers of you. (except if you hang out with me... I’ll know)

I want to share with you some key features and advice I’ve learned on this journey myself, and with guiding others... so you can guide yourself along it too.

The first Stage of the Quest is probably the hardest.

STAGE 1: The Dark Night of The Soul

YUCK. Exactly how it sounds. This is the beginning of the journey... when you start to FEEL out of place. Isolated. Like no one really knows you. You could be going through a major challenge or life change.... a stage of despair and disconnection. It’s the loss of hope.

In some, the first stage manifests as massive challenges, often in the form of physical illnesses or massive heartbreak or trauma. Or it could be a huge financial obstacle, the loss of a career, or identity. Most people, in these circumstances would choose victim-hood mentality, accept their unhealthy and uninspired life.

The HERO or awakening soul chooses to turn and look forward. And at this point of decision, to walk through that metaphorical door and reach for the promise of hope.... the DECIDE to take the Quest of Awakening.

For me, this Stage had to manifest many times. The first time, it showed up when I was a teen... and I experienced spontaneous astral projection after reading a highly spiritual book. The experience was so impactful that it changed my life. Yet, because I had no mentor of guide... I turned my back from the invitation and continued on living life the way I could.

Again and again, opportunities arose to step through the Quest door... and again and again, without a SAGE or guide, I had NO IDEA how or what I was being offered. Choosing not to share my “crazy” with the world....I trudged on mundanely.

Finally the stage came down on my life the house from Wizard of OZ. I had a career-ending injury and lost the use of my right arm! (as a chiropractor... what do you feel or hear or see as the symbolism?) And one day, in complete and utter despair, lying in my pain and victim-ness on the guide came.... in a phone call from an old friend. She offered me hope, and guidance towards something new. I didn’t know what she was talking about.


The Dark Night of the Soul is the turning point to the Quest... where the darkest truths can no longer be hidden, and so the quest must begin.

STAGE 2: Awakening

Oh the fun of discovery and exploring! Like any other journey, we are often consumed by learning, experience , knowledge, lore and magic.... and it can either help us or hinder us.

Often, we are fascinated by all the metaphysical and spiritual out there. We throw ourselves into learning all there is, watching documentaries and reading books. And it can take us off our personal path

For me, I spent pretty much the whole next YEAR reading spiritual books, Learning in courses, watching documentaries and expanding my mind and experiences. I was obsessed.

And thankfully, my one mentor, brought in more mentors, so I had access to a TEAM of guides and mentors. Each blessed in certain skills and resources that I would need to learn on the Quest. And of course... they constantly told my “You’re not crazy. You’re magical.” I learned to be open to possibility, be curious and trust my guides.

As you pass through The Dark Night of the Soul, it is also your choice to find the right people to join you on your Quest. Choose wisely.

STAGE 3: Activation

Ahhhh ACTION!!! In the Hero’s Journey this is where all the action takes place. The slaying of the Dragon, the rescuing of the Damsel, the hero’s finding his strength and courage.

For Souls Awakening, it’s about deep inner healing, and acceptance. Some of us go through a breakthrough process or NLP, some of us learn Reiki, some of us work with energetic and physical healers, but we all start to take response-ability for everything that is happening in our lives.

We understand it's up for us to OWN our stories and our gifts. We find inner acceptance of all.

For me this started a physical healing journey... remember, my use-less arm? It started with chiropractic and nutrition, massage and exercises, mindset and NLP... and then of course, the deep spiritual work opened. I learned about Akashic Records, started to channel... and then one day... out of the blue... I heard a voice in my head. and looked up and saw a squirrel.

This is where you will truly accept who you are, what you are capable of and find some purpose for your life. (and you may crap your pants too)

STAGE 4: Expansion

Sadly, sometimes people get “stuck” on their quest. Due to fear, unrealistic expectations, the inability to ask for help... or whatever limiting belief is inside of them. It’s usually somewhere around here. Many are open to doing some work on themselves.... only the few are WILLING to walk through the fire.

This is the FIRE.

You are here to help others. You have been given some kick-ass gifts. THEY ARE NOT FOR YOU!!!!! They are for the world, for all of us... and its your freaking MISSION to use them for “the force”... or whatever you want to call it. (I call in the Universe).

And this is where the “HERO” is reborn. You must DIE before you are reborn. Like a Phoenix. It’s freaking scary.... and no matter of clearing or energy work is going to take away that fear. IT MUST EXIST. Because this is the point where you walk off that metaphorical cliff, hoping to build wings on the way down. Believing in magic and trusting.... well you don’t even know what.

I lied to you at the beginning. THIS is the hardest part. To believe in your magical magnificence. And what you cannot even fathom is possible.


On the other side of your deepest pain is your greatest power. It was at this point that not only did I recognize the miraculous healing of my own body...I became aware of my ability to trans-mutate others. YES... trans-mutate, when one thing is so completely transformed it becomes something else entirely. Like changing lead into gold.

Or trans-mutating the dreams or ideas of HOPE into reality.

I made a decision to throw myself totally into sharing this work. To teach it somehow.

I completely left my restrictive “chiropractic career” and world of labels that held me down.

I left toxic relationships. I waved goodbye to worth-less, power-less and unloved.

I dove... still terrified... and full of HOPE.... off the cliff...

STAGE 5: Embodiment

WHO are you? WHY are you here? WHAT is your Purpose? HOW can you manifest it in your life? Now it’s time for you to become MORE... who we are meant to be.

All parts of our lives reflect who we are supposed to be. Emotionally, mentally, physically, financially, spiritually. We feel that fullness, that alignment, that flow.

When we know WHO we are at the deepest layers... when we accept and are EM-POWERED by our gifts....We start to attract soul mate partners, soul mate friendships and business partners. We're doing our soul work and being supported financially by it. (yes you actually can!) We've aligned ourselves mind-body and soul and are consistently working on ourselves.

Once you get to this phase, it’s your duty to continue learning, growing and expanding. The “stuff” doesn’t stop showing up... but you have tools, resources, guides and a team to call on.

For me, this phase started a huge expansion in my creativity. In career, business, programs and in friendships and connections. I started to ATTRACT the un-knowable possibilities and opportunities.

And though they were still in that un-knowable realm...they didn't have the same fear, anxiety and stress that the Expansion phase came with.

There is much more peace, love, excitement and joy. Like standing in the eye of a storm... almost like I’m conducting the creation of magic from the inside....

Like I said at the beginning...once we accept the quest and step through the metaphysical door, we are constantly on this Soul Awakening Quest, and that it can be cyclical. Bringing up what we need to heal and moving us through it. Like the layers of a The Spiritual Onion (oh I will have to share that with you next)... we are peeling back the layers to get to the core of our truth, and full awakening.

No matter where you are in your Quest, I want you to remember this.... you ARE supported, there ARE others like you, you ARE different in the most beautiful way.... and I’m here for you. Call in the right people to be supported and build your soul tribe, to align yourself with your truth, to awaken your gifts and talents, to connecting to your higher mission.

Stop faltering. Step through the door!

Love your guide,


If you're wanting to work with me you can do so in a variety of ways.

You can book a SOUL Session with me: My signature sessions consisting of Akashic Records SOUL GENESIS awakening and clearings and intuitive channeling. We go into whatever blocks/trauma (in this life or before) are stopping you from getting what you want in this life and we clear them from their root origin so that you can call in and manifest what you desire with ease.

You can explore options to work with me: Individual programs designed to quickly get you through your “stuff” so you can start to create the life you want!

Please inquire directly.

You can sign up for Animal Soul Awakening Academy: Learn animal communication on the deepest level of the soul. Level 1 starts in December 2018. (online and live training options)

Please put Animal Communication Training in the subject line.

You can sign up for my business mentorship and coaching programs for holistic practitioners, coaches and healers or those wanting to expand their Soul-Based Business. It’s called….Authentic Business Creation: Build your Heart-Based Business from WHO you are so you can do what you love, and live to do it.

Please put Business Course in your subject line!

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