How Can I Use Self-Hypnosis To Achieve My Goals?

Self-hypnosis is often used to modify behaviour, emotions and attitudes. For instance, many people use self-hypnosis to help deal with the problems of everyday living. Self-hypnosis can boost confidence and even help people develop new skills.

A great stress and anxiety reliever, it can also be used to help overcome habits such as smoking and overeating. Sports men and women can enhance their athletic performance with self-hypnosis, and people suffering from physical pain or stress-related illnesses also find it helpful (hypnosis should only be used in this way after a medical diagnosis has been made and under the guidance of a doctor or qualified therapist).

You may not know, or you may, that hypnosis works with the Unconscious Mind.

In regular goal-setting we consciously set a goal and do all we can, usually to go achieve it. And lots of things get in the way. Motivation. Confidence. Not knowing what to do. Obligations. Fear. Asking for help. etc. all of those things are obstacles that are blockages in the Unconscious mind. You see the Unconscious mind’s prime directive is to keep you SAFE!!!

What this translates to is this: Your conscious mind sets the goals.

You unconscious mind GETS THEM, or blocks them.

Your Conscious Mind is the Goal-Setter and

your Unconscious Mind is the Goal-Getter.

You Unconscious Mind is about 80-90% of your mind... so it does make sense, doesn’t it, that when your Unconscious mind is not on board with growth change, pushing through fear and obstacles, that there is no way it will let you get to that goal!

Hypnosis is the building of a partnership between the Conscious Mind and the Unconscious Mind, so they can come together in agreement that it is SAFE and a good idea to change... and so amazing things happen, quickly, more easily and in a gentle empowering way!

So imagine this, You, in a relaxed and comfortable state, energized and listen to your own self, creating a better relationship with your self, aligning both your Goal-Setter with your Goal-Getter, and what could come from that?

It might look something like a miracle, or magic or just the best thing you ever accomplished. Whatever it is, its amazing. So come try some of this on!

Connect with me here or personally by texting my cell phone (705) 888-1114

The Awesomeness,

Angela Martin-King, Board Certified Trainer of Hypnosis

... and a lot more awesome stuff to set your Soul on Fire

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