Is the $#!% Hitting the Fan For Animals?!

Animals ARE our teachers. Some of you may know this intuitively or some may just be waking up to the truth that animals, just like you, have purpose and a mission. Many of them "to teach". Recently, I’ve noticed that certain things in our world are changing at a much faster pace than they were even just a year ago. I believe this is partly thanks to social media pushing things along and partly because the number of people who are newly waking UP each day has been increasing exponentially.

This is leading us all to a brand new way of seeing our human roles in the world. And those of our animals.

In the past six months, my intuitive, heart-to-heart, soul-to-soul connection and communication to animals has been growing in a wild and wondrous way. I am constantly surprised, delighted and amazed at what is happening.

And I’m SURE your connection to animals, nature, and the earth increased incredibly over the past six months as well. There is some weird energy shift going on.

Maybe it started when I shared prayers and food with the monks and their elephants in Thailand last June 2017... or maybe that was the result... whatever it is, the fine line between human and animal is blurring... and all are recognizing their connection in the higher soul-based levels.

Today as I write this, social media is full of crazy, incredible, true, tragic, and very often difficult-to-read stories around about trophy hunters, factory farming, wild and domestic animal abuse, and more almost everywhere you look. And it is making some of your sick. Some of you angry. Some of you withdraw,

But there is a reason for this. This opposite, black vs white, love vs hate polarity. PAIN tells us where to "pay attention" to.

We can not change what we aren’t aware of – so right now these horrible things in the world that truly need to shift are becoming more and more visible. And along with the increased connection will come an increase drive to change.

I know this makes it seem like things are worse than ever before for animals.

But I don’t believe that they are. Just like we are becoming more and more connected in the world, we are becoming more and more connected in our hearts.... and our souls. This means that whatever you stand for in your deepest core, will be your hardest challenge.... and often the most painful pain.

The world is waking up.

Now, when the public reports on an animal-in-need or an abuse case, thousands of people are jumping to action. They are creating the release of this icky, abusive energy! Change is happening faster and faster.

When I was a kid, I felt like others did not understand my care and connection to animals. They pretended to. They thought they understood. But how could they when it was clear that they believed animals were simply animals?

And now, the tide is turning.

I may be weird, but now there are so many others out there who are weird with me! Or a whole other kind of weird I want to learn. Along with animal communicators, animal holistic health practitioners....there are animal advocate groups, rescue groups, wildlife rescue organizations and countless more and the more these stories come to light – the more the “weird” people are taking action to create global change.

Perhaps it is because the aches in our hearts are becoming too strong to ignore, empathy and intuitive sensitivity is off the chart... or perhaps us "weird" people are just sick and tired of ignoring our true authentic connections.... I'd rather be a weird, animal intuitive, communicator, and advocate aligning them to their mind-body-soul path... than suffer another life of living in fear. You either love me as that, or you don't. (the only one that loses is those who close their eyes to it all)

The %*#& may be hitting the fan where the human and animal kingdoms meet right now... and to put it simply, we...

YOU are being asked to choose to create a better world.

So, let’s take action, learn to share those gifts and abilities and spread our love for animals out for the rest of the world to see, hear, feel, touch, and live with! After all, animals really are our teachers! And its time we started to view them as all they are.

Love Angela

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