Leaky Gut: Is it Destroying Your Health?

If you or a loved one are struggling with chronic illness, like my clients and my family did, this might be the most important thing you'll ever read.

Leaky gut is a condition that affects about 80-90% of people today, and it's really the root cause of all disease.

In fact, Hippocrates is famous for saying, "all disease begins in the gut." …and that disease which begins in the gut and can lead to other health issues is leaky gut.

Leaky Gut Affects the Whole Body

Here’s the thing: If you have even just one of these symptoms listed below, then you have leaky gut and you need to get it healed up because, over time, it only gets worse and can cause major problems with your health.

Do you have any of these common symptoms of leaky gut? (yes there are many more!)

  • Food allergies or food sensitivities to foods containing gluten, dairy or others†

  • Autoimmune disorders, including fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome or lupus†

  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) with bloating, gas, gut cramping and other uncomfortable symptoms

  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), including Crohn’s or colitis

  • Thyroid issues such as Hashimoto’s disease or hypothyroidism

  • Adrenal fatigue

  • Mood disorders, including anxiety or depression

  • Malabsorption issues—not being able to absorb certain nutrients such as iron, magnesium and others

  • Skin problems, including eczema, psoriasis or rosacea

  • Joint pain

It’s important to point out that, until recently, modern medicine continued to ignore leaky gut as a hidden cause of illness. There are now over 10,000 research papers related to leaky gut.

You’d think as prevalent as leaky gut is, modern medicine would start paying attention, but that’s typically not the case.

What is Leaky Gut Syndrome?

Your digestive tract is like a net with extremely small holes in it that only allow specific substances to pass through. Your gut lining works as a barrier keeping out bigger particles that can damage your system.

When someone has leaky gut (medically "increased intestinal permeability") the “net” in your digestive tract gets damaged, which causes even bigger holes to develop in your net. So things that normally wouldn’t be able to pass through, are now able to.

Some of the things that can now pass through your leaky gut include proteins like gluten, bad bacteria and undigested foods particles. Toxic waste can also leak from the inside of your intestinal wall into your bloodstream causing an immune reaction.

Leaky Gut Could be Destroying Your Health

As your gut gets inflamed over time, the "tight junctions" in your gut open up and you basically get a tear in your net.

Millions of people are being diagnosed with chronic illnesses associated with leaky gut right now.

All Disease is Connected to Your Gut

Everything in the body is connected and the gut is at the center of the body. In order to address all health problems, you can start by focusing on one common location. The gut.

Leaky gut syndrome is a rapidly growing condition that millions of people are struggling with and don’t even know it.

From the sound of it, you might think leaky gut syndrome only affects the digestive system but in reality it can lead to many other health conditions.

In fact, here's a few ways to tell if you have Leaky Gut...

Warning Signs that You Have Leaky Gut

One of the biggest warning signs that you may have leaky gut can be that you’re experiencing multiple food sensitivities. Partially digested protein and fat can seep through your intestinal lining making their way into your bloodstream which will cause an allergic response.

This allergic response doesn’t mean you’ll break out in a rash all over your body, but it can lead to one of the symptoms I’ve mentioned above.

And, if left un-repaired can lead to more severe health issues.

According to the research, leaky gut could be the cause of your:

  • Food allergies

  • Low energy

  • Joint pain

  • Thyroid disease

  • Autoimmune issues

  • Slow metabolism

According to the Journal of Diabetes there is a strong body of evidence pointing to leaky gut as a major cause of autoimmune diseases.

Another problem with leaky gut is that it can cause malabsorption of vital minerals and nutrients including zinc, iron and vitamin B12.

What Causes Leaky Gut?

There are 5 main causes of leaky gut which include:

  • Diet

  • Chronic stress

  • Toxin overload

  • Bacterial imbalance

  • Inflammation

The most common components of food that can damage your intestinal lining are the proteins found in un-sprouted grains, sugar, GMO’s, and conventional dairy.

The problem with conventional grains is they contain large amounts of nutrient blockers called phytates and lectins. Lectins are sugar-binding proteins that act as a natural defense system for plants that protect them from outside invaders like mold and parasites.

This is good news for plants but bad news for your body.

Your digestive lining is covered with sugar containing cells that help break down your food. Lectins gravitate toward this area and when they attach to your digestive lining it damages your gut, causing inflammation.

Foods that Cause Leaky Gut

Lectins are found in many foods, not just grains. Consumed in smaller amounts your body will do just fine with them. But foods that have large amounts of lectins like wheat, rice, spelt, and soy are more problematic.

Gluten containing grains will damage your intestinal lining causing leaky gut.

GMO and hybridized foods tend to be the highest in lectins since they have been modified to fight off bugs.

Conventional cow's milk is another food that can cause leaky gut. The component of dairy that will harm your gut is the protein A1 Casein.

Sugar is another substance that will wreak havoc on your digestive system. Sugar will feed the growth of yeast, candida, and bad bacteria which will further damage your gut.

Other Factors that Cause Leaky Gut

Stress: Chronic stress weakens your immune system over time which cripples your ability to fight off foreign invaders like bad bacteria and viruses leading to inflammation and leaky gut.

Toxins: We come into contact with over 80,000 chemicals and toxins every single year but the worst offenders for causing leaky gut include antibiotics, pesticides, tap water, aspirin, and NSAIDS.

Bacterial Imbalance: One of the leading causes of leaky gut is a condition called dysbiosis, which is basically an imbalance between beneficial and harmful species of bacteria in your gut.

For many, this imbalance can begin at birth because of a C-section or because the mother didn’t have a healthy gut herself.

The overuse of prescription antibiotic drugs, tap water with chlorine and fluoride, and the lack of probiotic rich foods contribute to this imbalance of good and bad bacteria… and the epidemic known as Leaky Gut.

Inflammation: Inflammation in the body causes the body to go into attack mode. And the longer this attack lasts, like with chronic inflammation and inflammatory diseases, the worse and broader the attack gets. Where in the beginning the body could distinguish self from non-self entities, the longer the inflammation goes on, the greater the chance your body will attck itself, causing a long-term chronic inflammation cycle.

Leaky Gut and the Brain

If you’ve ever seen a child with autism experience a mood swing, this can be caused by intestinal permeability.

Gluten and Casein-Free Diet’s have proven beneficial for many children with autism because these proteins can leak through the gut and then recirculate and act on the brain similarly to an opioid drug.

This is also why leaky gut has been linked to some psychological disorders.

So, in many cases, if you can heal the gut you can support a healthy brain.

The 5 Steps to Heal Leaky Gut

The good news is there’s a solution to healing leaky gut. There is a five step process that includes:

1) Know Your Triggers

2) Remove inflammatory food triggers

3) Nourish gut lining with key nutrients

4) Repair specific organs with supplements

5) Rebalance microbes and probiotics

This is the protocol I have used with my clients over the years that has helped them see incredible results…

Are You Ready to Begin Healing Your Leaky Gut?

I created a 30-day, online support program that, paired with our amazing nutritional solutions, will guide you through everything you need to start Healing your Leaky Gut.

It’s the same protocol I’ve used with my clients over the years to help them fix the root cause and see incredible results.

This is the approach that you intuitively knew was out there... not relying on prescription medication to relieve symptoms but utilizing the body's natural resources to create health.

It works because it’s based on real science and your bodies natural ability to heal itself

Your body naturally wants to be healthy. And once we address the root cause by healing your gut, your body can begin to transform... and you'll like the change.

So, what benefits can you look forward to? Some of my clients have reported:

  • Regular and healthy digestion system

  • Less emotional ups and downs

  • Glowing, healthy looking skin

  • Mental clarity and focus

  • Improved body image and confidence

  • Healthy body weight (yes if you have it to lose, this will help you)

  • A sense of balance with hormones

  • And much, much more!

The key to getting all of these amazing benefits from your body is to focus on fixing the root cause, which begins with healing your gut.

My program is your fast-track to heal leaky gut for good.

You will most likely see improvements in energy, hormone balance and your natural body defenses as you begin addressing the root cause of all disease.

My goal is to give you everything you need to transform your health in 30-days.

It may take some people longer to heal their gut, but my goal is to coach you through all the steps so you can start to get some symptom relief, then help you transition to long term transformation.

This program guides you, step-by-step, through diet, supplements and lifestyle changes.

Introducing Dr. Angela's Online & Nutrition Program

Healing Leaky Gut

I created an actionable program to walk you through the 5 steps to heal leaky gut, so you can finally overcome the root cause of chronic disease.

1) Know Your Triggers

2) Remove inflammatory food triggers

3) Nourish gut lining with key nutrients

4) Repair specific organs with supplements

5) Rebalance microbes and probiotics

I've put together a program of what you need to do and know to overcome leaky gut.

With this program you’ll have every tool and resource you need. Plus, I'm going to take you by the hand and walk you through the 5 steps together. So you can begin repairing and fixing leaky gut in just 30 days.

This is the same program that I've used myself, with my family and chiropractic patients, to help them get healthy and well, and I know this program can help you.

Getting Started

You’ll get a one-on-one target session with me, so we can assess your nutrition, problems and food triggers. This isn’t a one-size fits all approach. So that’s why I’ve put together custom plans with meal plans, recipes, and lifestyle strategies- specific to your issues!


Everything is laid out in an organized, actionable way that’s easy-to-understand. So you can jump in and get started right away.

Online support systems, meal plans and support for you, no matter where you are.

Our Healing Leaky Gut Program comes with:

  • suggested supplement regimens

  • meal plans

  • program guides

  • recipe ebooks

  • expert interviews & sources

Weekly One-on-One Coaching and Group Call-In Sessions Personal call time with me and group calls, where you can freely and openly ask questions, share your results, and most importantly, get encouragement and support from your peers, as we go through this transformation together.

Recorded Calls with Dr. Angela

These are pre-recorded calls where Dr. Angela answers the most common questions about healing leaky gut from course participants.

Expert sources, emails and information from some of the top experts in the field of Leaky Gut Syndrome, sent straight to your inbox every week!

Go ahead, contact us to sign up today and you’ll get instant access to me, my team and to the program!

Normal Price (not including nutrition system) $397

2 payments of $29

Enroll Today (click here)

If you have any questions or concerns about the program, call or email me.

My team and I are happy to help! Call my office at 1-705-888-1114

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