** This recording WILL induce deep sleep. Avoid listening while driving or distracted. Make sure you are in a safe place where no one and nothing will disturb you**


Sleep is restorative. And without good sleep, you are irritable, touchy, slower to respond and yes.... mentally dulled. You cannot perform at your full potential.


So I have created this deep sleep guided hypnosis track to re-train your patterns of sleep. Over time, the body adapts to new patterns and can override the old. It works against you, in develpoing poor sleep patters, and now it will work FOR you. 


Together we will engage your mind to quickly, easily and almost effortlessly re-program your sleep patterns for deep, relaxing, restorative sleep. 


Remember to make sure you continue to listen to this track for at least 21 days IN A ROW to install your new pattern. And if you fall asleep listening... good!!! Night. 



Sleep Deep Sleep Now hypnosis with Angela Martin-King


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