Personal Coaching Programs


Our Personal Coaching Programs are a one-on-one personal development and support program,  specifically designed and suited to address your unique needs and concerns.


Our approach is dynamic and all encompassing. In most cases, the presenting problem that has been affecting your life is attached to other problems that may be two, three or four layers more removed and completely outside of your conscious awareness. By exploring the true nature of the problem and identifying the obstacles, hindering core beliefs, limiting decisions, unresolved conflicts, and the deeply embedded behavioural strategies that keep the problem in place, the issue can be uprooted from the source and true and lasting transformation can occur.


Angela believes that all of her clients have the innate strength, courage and resources required to transcend whatever they are struggling with. It is simply a matter of recovering all those seemingly lost resources while simultaneously removing all existing barriers.


In our coaching programs, we use all of our  training and experience in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnotherapy and Soul Genesis, to propel our clients forward on their paths to true transformation. We are committed to provide tremendous value and consistent and unwavering support so you can achieve your highest goals and dreams.


An NLP Personal Coaching Program is ideal for:

  • Relationship Difficulties

  • Career Development

  • Physical Health and Well Being

  • Recurring Weight Fluctuations

  • Mental & Emotional Health Issues

  • Feeling “Stuck” or Immersed in a Long-Standing Rut

  • Achieving Peak Performance in any area of life 

  • Team Develpoment and Support

  • and more!



How does NLP Coaching  work?

NLP Coaching varies from one client to another depending on the nature of the issue being resolved. For some, individual sessions may be the best plan for change, and for other issues, a longer coaching program is  needed to bring about full and lasting change. Typically though, the process involves approximately 15 hours working face to face with you. Although this time can be tailored to suit your schedule, Angela’s preference is to meet once a week over a 5 to 6 week period.


An NLP Coaching Program is a very task oriented process, meaning that there is work to be completed by both you and Angela in between sessions.  All tasks are intentionally and specifically designed to highlight the deeper layer structures of the presenting problem, to loosen your model of the world, to break through any conscious or unconscious resistance, and to install new skill sets and awareness.  All tasks are uncomfortable in the beginning but being uncomfortable is a sign that you are growing.  Since you are uncomfortable in the presenting problem anyway, why not be uncomfortable in a way that works toward solution?  Angela also provides telephone and e-mail access between appointments to manage any discomfort you may need assistance with.


In the initial session, Angela  completes an NLP Detailed Personal History which is a series of questions designed to understand the far reaching complexity and underlying nature of the problem. Having understood what the problem is, the focus shifts to the internal and external processes involved in how you do the problem. All subsequent sessions are uniquely designed to interrupt and eliminate the problem, and to provide you with new resources, new strategies and techniques, sustainable goals for the future, and the emotional and behavioural framework to achieve lasting success.



The Magic of NLP and our Programs result in quick, gentle and long-lasting transformation and change. Unlike traditional therapy, you could have complete resolvement of your problem, and a complete transformation in 5-6 weeks!


You have spent way too much of your precious life and time, worrying and wondering if life can be better. It can, right now.



If you are ready to challenge yourself, if you are ready to commit to entering a relationship that will give you the results you are seeking, then an NLP Coaching Program is right for you. 


Call our office Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm, for more information and to find out more about NLP Coaching. You can reach Angela directly at 705-888-1114. She will gladly work with you, both in person and over the phone.
















TimeLine Therapy

Time Line Therapy® is a unique and unmatched method for quickly and effectively creating powerful and lasting change. 


Time Line Therapy® allows the skilled practitioner to therapeutically intervene in a client’s Time Line, take the weight or charge off negative emotions and events, take on new learnings that were inaccessible when the events originally happened, release debilitating limiting decisions and beliefs, and create a compelling future…all of which has the tremendous potential for creating powerful change at the most fundamental roots of personality.


These changes take place in mere minutes, not the months or even years traditional therapy takes! 

The tools can assist with:

  • Inappropriate emotional reactions such as bursts of anger or rage

  • Depression and sadness

  • Chronic fear and/or anxiety

  • Release of old hurts

  • Overwhelming guilt

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

  • Phobias

  • Unwanted thoughts and behaviours

  • Grief and Bereavement

  • Release of limiting decisions, such as “I’m not good enough,” “I’ll never be successful,” or “I don’t deserve a great marriage.”

To learn more about the safe, harmless and gentle practice or Time Line Therapy continue here. 


Hypnotherapy and  Self-Guided Meditation

Hypnosis is simply a process that produces a very calm state of relaxation and increased awareness and concentration, where the Unconscious Mind is open and receptive to heightened suggestibility.


In a Hypnotherapy session, the skilled practitioner will offer suggestions to your Unconscious Mind that are most in keeping with the changes you want to create in your life.


Hypnotherapy can address the roots of these imbalances in your life. By exploring and identifying the subconscious patterns that are contributing to internal conflicts, hypnotherapy can thoroughly resolve blocks, reformulate responses and help you reach your desired outcome.


Because all healing begins in the mind, we work with you to uncover the source of your issues and heal through the incredible power of your own mind. Through Hypnotherapy you are offered a pro-active solution to true healing at the deepest levels.


To learn more about Hypnotherapy and Meditation continue here. 


Soul Genesis

Soul Genesis™ is a program designed to better understand one's soul. By studying past experiences and current circumstances, we help guide those in the enternal search for happiness, peace, success and opportunity. Soul Genesis™ connects you to a new field of opportunities that may currently be out of your awareness.


To learn more about Soul Genesis  continue here.

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