Nutritional Therapy Consultations & Coaching


Prior to Booking a Full Consultation:

In order to help you decide which of our Nutrition and Coaching Programs are for you, we must first know a bit about your goals and needs. To assist you in clarifying these, we offer a 15 minutes free telephone consultation, providing an opportunity for you to ask questions and discuss any concerns you may have. When you have a better understanding of what is holding you back from achieving your optimal nutrition and body, you can then move forward into the full consultation.


Before your Initial Consultation:

Prior to your initial consultation you will be given and complete a comprehensive health questionnaire, which you will need to email back  to us no later than 3 business days before the consultation. The questionnaire will help provide an overview of your general health and nutrition,  what you see and feel are your main concerns and serve to direct your consultation.


The Initial Consultation

This consultation lasts between 1 ½ to 2 hours during which the main objective is to understand your health concerns as well as your goals and aspirations. Based on a multi-modal approach, you will be asked to give insight into your life journey to help  evaluate your individual needs. This will include providing information about your family history, past and present health, dietary habits, thoughts and emotional interplay and lifestyle.


Body Measurements, physical and physiological signs will also be considered and if appropriate, additional medical testing may be recommended to assist in the assessment of your health and allow for a more target approach. The overall assessment also provides the basis for referral to a licensed physician or other healthcare professional if necessary. (Please note, although Angela is a doctor, she is not qualified to give medical advice over the phone or order tests without the co-operation of a medical professional. If additional intervention is needed, it will be your responsibility to arrange those proceedures. )


Based on your particular goals, blockages, habits and concerns,  a nutrition and lifestyle program will be designed, tailored to meet your particular needs. Recommendations may include dietary adjustments, lifestyle changes as well as supplementation if appropriate. All recommendations are made taking into account your individual circumstances in order to be both realistic and achievable for you.


The initial consultation  includes preparation, the consultation itself and personalized nutritional program, if you choose to follow it.


Follow up consultation:

Your follow up consultations will last up to 1 hour, or as needed. The main purpose of a follow up is to find out how you are getting along, to assess the efficacy of your program and make adjustments accordingly. Any results will be discussed and your program tweaked to reflect your results, if necessary. At least one follow up consultation is required to get the full benefit of your program and is included in the initial consultation fee.


Additional Follow Up Consultations are charged at $75, and are arranged on an as needed basis.

(We charge for the first follow up before it occurs to ensure that you are as invested and dedicated in your program as we are. )


Between visits support        

It is important that you have the ability and access to ask questions, seek answers or gain more insight between visits.  We  offer an opportunity for a 15 minute phone call or email correspondence between visits to ensure that you get the support that you need. This is included with no extra charge.


Further Consultations and Coaching Support

Depending on the complexity of your health concerns or need of support, further consultations may be required. Nutritional therapy is never a quick fix, but an ongoing process, a lifestyle, which aims to support metabolic processes, pathways and functions in pursuit of optimal health and wellbeing. Dietary and lifestyle preferences are often habitual and old habits can be challenging to change.


Additonal Coaching and support and a step-by-step approach can increase your chances of long term success.  Many people find that 3-5 consultations are needed to achieve their final goals.


Because this is a common need, we offer Coaching programs, which include Nutritional counselling as well as additonal coaching and support. 

Some of these options are listed to the Right/Opposite Screen. Additional programs not listed are also available. Please contact us for more details. 



Fat-Burning Boost!

Have you been on holidays and fell out of your routine, or did you gain weight at Christmas or Thanksgiving and have difficulty dropping those extra pounds?


Hypnosis makes losing weight feel natural and effortless. By customizing two hypnosis sessions to address your personal goals with weight, you can eliminate cravings, increase motivation to exercise, or reduce portions of food.


This Booster program is for the person who already has had success but may be slipping back into old habits and needs a Booster to stay on track with focus and motivation.


This mini-program is designed for the person that only has 10 to 15 lbs to lose. Includes a Nutritional Analysis to address any nutritional deficiencies and provides a personalized supplement analysis to support your health and vitality.


Two customized Hypnosis sessions one week apart and one Nutritional Analysis - $397.00 (2 week program) (1 payment of $397.00 at the beginning of the program)


Weight Release KickStart!

Do you find it hard to know what to eat, see food and instantly eat it, or do you struggle with starting an exercise routine? Do you have several sizes of clothes in your closet because of weight and size fluctuations? If this sounds like you then this Start-Up Weight Loss Program is perfect for you.


Release old emotional drivers that compell you to reach for the wrong foods. Designed for the person who needs to release negative, emotionally driven habits and put good healthy habits and supportive routines in place such as eating healthy, exercising and staying motivated. For the person that has 20 to 30 pounds to lose, this program will instill good habits to put you on your path to successful weight loss.


Three customized Hypnosis sessions one week apart, one Coaching session and one Nutritional Analysis - $697.00 (1 month program) (1 payment of $397.00 at the beginning of the program, 1 payment of $300.00 at the beginning of the 3rd week)  


Additional Customized Programs are also available.

Other options you may consider:

  • Programs for 50+ lbs of weight release

  • Programs to increase energy and vitality

  • Programs for increased athletic performance and stamina

  • Programs for Healthy Living, Wellness and Balanced Living

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