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We are passionate about empowering others to transform their own lives. And we show you how by using the most powerful mind-body tools on the planet!

We believe that  inside each person is a purpose and mission, and that with the right guidance and support, when fostered in love and compassion and fueled by passion and  a plan, that amazing things can happen! 


Our Mission is to help you find your Passion, Your Purpose and that Plan. And sometimes it means cleaning up old energy, old hurts, patterns and perspectives of the past, that hold you back or limit you from reaching for that potential.  Sometimes in means helping you let the stuff that no longer serves you, go. Forgiving yourself. And sometimes it means we become that Rock, or that person you lean on or who kicks you into action... so you can finally become the YOU that you are meant to be.


Whatever your dreams, your desires your destiny... you will find what you need here.




We believe that everyone is unique and powerful in their own way. 

We believe everyone should feel loved, wanted and accepted for who they are. 

We believe everyone has a voice worth listening to, and that everyone is  important and should be heard. 

We believe that what each person wants matters and that they should access to living their dreams.

But the one thing that has stopped you in creating this for you in your life ... is what you will find here. (it was for us too)


Our Collective Mission is to create a circle of support and empowerment.  To give every person in the world the experience of real and authentic connection where they are loved, accepted and celebrated as themselves.  Through this circle,  they each gain confidence in being their true Authentic Self and claim their own power and leadership potential, while also  creating  meaningful, deep relationships with themselves and others in their circles. 


Our Vision at SoulFire  is to shift from a repressed cookie-cutter society of same-ness,  to one which celebrates the unique-ness of all, empowering each of our leadership  potential  and to celebrate our own self worth and value and what we bring to this world! We bring all willing people together to support one another in rising into our full power.

Dr. Angela is the Director of the SoulFire Success Academy. She is a trainer of Hypnosis, a Board Certified NLP Master Coach, Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy™ and Hypnotherapy, Quantum Change Process™and Soul Genesis™ She coaches clients individually and in groups in both therapeutic and business settings. She works with children and adults, facilitates workshops for personal and professional growth and development, and offers unique business and professional trainings.

Angela discovered the magic and power of NLP, Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy™ first hand while dealing with a career-changing injury and financial crisis. After struggling to both heal and maintain her career, Angela chose to pursue a combination of holistic approaches to injury, which included the modalities mentioned above.

Within months, Angela experienced profound and rapid healing physically, emotionally and spiritually. She not only healed from her physical injury, but also recovered from a myriad of health problems that the medical community could not explain. Her own remarkable experience was a catalyst for her spiritual awakening and is just one of the many reasons she was compelled to leave a successful career as a Doctor of Chiropractic and devote herself to helping others achieve extraordinary results in their own lives.

Passionate about this powerfully transformative work, our inner circle is dedicated to utilizing leading edge mind-body tools to teach others how they can transcend issues they are facing by eliminating core limiting beliefs that are standing between them and the lives they deserve.

For more information on services or to find out how to accelerate your growth and actualize your potential, please contact Angela at

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