FUEL FOR THE BODY: How Can You Take Charge Now, of Your Health Through Food and Nutrition?

Is there a secret to feeding your body exactly what it needs to provide it with Optimal nutrition for healing and energy? 
Would you like to experience a better relationship with your body, with food and with its ability to fuel you to live your best life? You can now.


And, in knowing what your body needs, or doesn't need, you would be far more empowered to find better physical health, energy, sleep, performance, even vitalility and abundance. We offer an opportunity for you to examine and understand the patterns that have evolved over time in your nutrition habits, to see, hear and really feel how they are affecting you, and change what needs to be changed now for the better... all with the right support and guidance you deserve!




Do you want to take your health to the next level, though find it a challenge to wade through the endless amount of nutritional information out there?


If so, you are not alone…

Understanding nutrition fundamentals helps you make great choices for yourself and your family.  If you have ever wondered how you can take all that information and condense it down to an easy to follow, safe and tasty plan, this is for you!


In this groundbreaking program, Angela will help you discover your optimal nutrition profile, and assist you in degning and implementing the a plan for your best body yet!   By joining this program you will:


  • create a greater understanding of basic nutrition

  • understand the key factors that influence how we look

  • learn how to eat for energy and vitality

  • achieve a better understanding of why you may or may not need to supplements

  • learn the techniques for releasing body fat

  • learn why cleansing is no longer a fad-trend

  • create a game plan for building your dream body

  • and much more



    Nutritional Coaching & Body Health


Coaching is an individual-centred approach to healthcare that employs functional assessment and intervention using nutritional, lifestyle-based and related health sciences in order to assist you in optimising your physiological, emotive, cognitive and physical function. The use of food and life style changes are recognised as a principle component of achieving and maintaining optimal levels of health. Research is increasingly recognising that foods have nutritive value beyond simply caloric or macronutrient quantity and quality.  A nutritional consultation can help determine the best food selection for your personal needs, as well as a care routine that will assist you in achieveing and maintaining your optimal body!


“We are indeed much more than what we eat, but what we eat can nevertheless help us to be much more than what we are”  - Adelle Davis                                                                                                                                                                                        

Assessment includes the use of appropriate tests and observations, such as a thorough case history, body measurements, physical and physiological signs and nutrition/lifestyle analysis to determine an optimal nutrition program. 


Recommendations may include, among other information, dietary/life style modification, supplementation and education on physiological/biochemical/metaphysical pathways to promote deep learning and self-healing. 


Coaching is required in support of an optimal outcome. If you have the knowledge tools and direction needed to accomplish your goals, you would already be there. Let me be your guide and mentor.Your physical life here on earth interweaves with your mindset, emotions and spiritual health. To achieve best results in any area, you must address all areas of Mind, Body and Soul. 


 A  Nutritional Consult &  Coaching  is for you if you: 

  • Find yourself making poor food choices often

  • Make emotional or stress-related food choices

  • Feel "Food-Guilt" after eating certain foods or trade off exercise for "Food-Rewards"

  • Have multiple allergies or sensitivities

  • Have issues with fluctuating weight or fitness

  • Stuff down feelings or stress with food

  • Want to learn how to make better choices

  • Want to be an example to your kids and family

  • Have ever had or a tendency towards: anorexia, bulemia or another food-related condition

  • Want to shred, bulk or optimize your muscle and strength

  • Want to develop a healthy eating plan

  • Want to develop a balanced lifestyle and attitude towards food as fuel for life













Nutritional Therapy Consultations:

Sometimes what we need most to overcome our blocks and issues, is simply guidance and support. Yes, if you are like most of my clients, you probably have multiple books, tagged websites and ample knowledge of healthy eating and nutrition. You may have joined one or multiple "healthy eating" or "weight loss" programs... with no lasting success.


The problem is not what you know, it is what is blocking you from long-term success. It is not your fault... we all have habits,  beliefs and mis-conceptions we have developed, or that have been trained into us, from an early age.  The key to long-lasting success is to address these, change them and replace them, along with a great nutritional plan with support, with new healthy habits, new beliefs and  new patterns. 


If you want this to be your LAST program, we want to offer you a 15 minute phone consultation, free of charge, so you can see how this might completely change your life. Continue on to  learn more...

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Learn how our Nutritional Programs and Coaching can get you back on track to health today!   Send us a message now.

The 3 WORST Culprits in Poor Food Habits are NOT what you think!


Toxic Overload: 


Yes, our bodies are naturally made to clean themselves out. The liver and kidneys in particular, yet every organ, including the skin, right down to the cellular level, is able to clean its own "house" if you may. 

But... our bodies were not designed to live in this world. A world full of toxins: in our food, in our water, in our air, in our houses.... and as much as we would love it if we could self-clean, our poor bodies are becoming so clogged, and bunged-up by these toxins, that they cannot self-clean anymore! 


Yes, I have a solution for you, so you can start to self-clean out the imurities that are weighing you down!




oh yes.... this is a common one. Guilt associated with food. What food? Well any food that you now feel guilty about eating. It may be  chips, or pop, or sweets, it may be deep-fried or baked or popped.... mmm popcorn. Food-guilt is simply a negative emotion attached to a food, food group, or simply the act of eating it! 


The problem is.... when did you decide that a food should make you feel guilty? Or is it when you eat too much of this food? Often food guilt begins when someone instills in us that the food is bad, or the act of eating it is bad.... and we continue to believe it, and punish ourselves for choosing it. 

Would you like to change your perceptions and beliefs about food-guilt, "bad food" and "cheat days"? Because they may be the foundation on which your health challenges are built!




A very related concept to food-guilt is food-reward. Again, a belief system and pattern that is instilled in us from an early age. Usually not intentional, and often a pattern that our parents, grandparents and other influencers also have. 


The problem is.... why do you have to trade-off or work-off food? Or reward yourself for doing work? Should not a balanced- nutritional lifestyle include days when you are able to calorie/food credit or deficit?  When did you decide that one good deed deserved food as a reward.... or that reward is always attached to good effort?


This pattern is often changed by other forms of therapy into a non-food reward, which, as you know can be just as dangerous.... such as retail-rewards, binge-tv-rewards or activity-rewards. 


To learn more about how work to address quick and immediate changes with you in these areas, continue to NLP and Mind Coaching Programs.





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